Right Midfielder needed


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From Argentina

Lucho Gonzalez (River Plate)
Lucas Castroman (Velez)
Jairo Patiño (River Plate)

And of course Javier Mascherano, but he is Defensive Midfilder, the others are Attacking MF...


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If there ain't no money involved then get Joaquin, Stankovic or Figo

If it is then I think Bierofka, van der Meyde or Pal Strand are the best.


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until the end of the season i'm going to play Gronkjaer on the left and swithc Novo to the right, although IMO they both suck they'll do for another half season


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Originally posted by adj137
Ok i need a ML, decent for A. Madrid, at most 5mil quid.
any help

try Quinton Fortune he does well for me wen i play with Man Utd

he's valued bout 2.9mill

or Jonnie Carlos*son plays for Tottenham (Valued at 3mill)


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Re: Right Midfielder needed

Originally posted by cabbage1588
i am struggeling to find a good right midfielder can anyone help me find one, they can cost as much as needed.

joaquin. he is awesome but will cost you a lot (i bought him around 35m)

wayne rooney. i knew he is a striker. but i play him as right midfield a season and he is sensational

castroman also a nice choice. i use to play him while i incharge argentina national squad

cristiano ronaldo. just good (Y)


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hmm i can't remember any thing very good but try ostlund.

Also i dunno depends on ur year try Davis from newcastle.

And alan smith from utd though he is FR but if u retrain position after 2 months he will be very good.

I currently goT gerrard though(H)
C.Ronaldo, if money does not mean a thing. He is going to control the right side of the feild worth the money you pay.


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yeah gotta agree with Ahmed, after a few years he regularly becomes the best RM in the world, but he'll cost you a lot.