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hey mate, could you do Olympique Marseille Away and GK kit please....

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Hey man, could you do Rangers and Celtic please :bow:

I've actually been intending to do both... I don't even watch the SPFL, but every year both Rangers and Celtic (and Motherwell to a degree) have great kits. Anyway, I am still working on the release of the AIO, but I grew restless doing text merging, so I decided to go ahead and make Rangers...

Rangers Home (Collar 7) and Away (Collar 19):

All Textures:

Home: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1do2kJEqaMkUr9__s3tveucr27ID1KXmg/view?usp=sharing
Away: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1l7R--30m1RJSR9Wa-JHsv6LuibKlz6Ub/view?usp=sharing



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Hi Riesscar, I managed to make the tv logo work in fifa 20 !! I wanted to thank you again ... and know if you have been able to do the scoreboard? regards!


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Riesscar's 21-22 AIO 6

* You must use the latest version of Fifa Mod Manager in order to use this mod or open the project..

Download Link (Includes .fifamod, .fifaproject and teamkits table): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Kr3-4Nz_PgvVn8LK5vcl7qc2fzIZmn5c/view?usp=sharing

* I have done my best to address issues that have either been reported or that I have noticed. I am sure that there are still things that could be improved, so please don't hesitate to point out inaccuracies or errors when you notice them. I will not take offense ;)
** There are four versions of the fifamod and fifaproject files: one with both my LOD increase and camera zoom edits (AIO 6 LOD-CAM); one without the LOD increase but with the camera edits (AIO 6 CAM); one with the LOD increase but without the camera edits (AIO 6 LOD); and one without either the LOD or camera edits (AIO 6).
*****Added a number of 21-22 OMB's with the assistance of MH25.
******Big thanks and huge credit to Diego Fallas (DF), MH25 (MH), Hibov, jdxrivvy, Makispla and Andi for kit contributions as well as kit accuracy assistance

Serie A Logo Updated

21-22 Match Balls Included:

Nike Flight Serie A OMB 21-22 (ID 139) (MH)
Nike Flight Serie A Hi-Vis OMB 21-22 (ID 140) (MH)
SELECT Brillant Super US Superliga (ID 74) (MH)
SELECT Brillant Super US Superliga Winter (ID 156) (MH)
Select Brilliant Super TB Liga Portugal (ID 157) (MH)
SELECT Brillant TB V21 (ID 158) (MH)
UHL Sport Elysia Ligue 1 OMB 21-22 (100)
Adidas Uniforia Finale Euro 2020 (ID 6) (MH)
Nike Flight Copa America 2021 (ID 9) (MH)
Adidas Conext (ID 5) (MH)
Adidas Conext Tokyo Olympiques (ID 10) (MH)
UCL 21-22 Hi-VIS OMB 21-22 (ID 51)
adidas UCL Pro Pyrostorm (ID 112) (MH)
Derbystar Bundesliga 21-22 OMB (ID 90)
Derbystar Bundesliga HI-VIS 21-22 OMB (ID 91)
Puma teamFinal 1 Sky Bet (ID 113) (MH)
Puma teamFinal 1 Sky Bet - Hi-Vis (ID 113) (MH)
Puma teamFinal 1 Carabao Cup (ID 116) (MH)
adidas Conext 21 Super Cup (ID 117) (MH)
adidas Conext 21 J League (ID 124) (MH)
Nike Flight Premier League 21-22 (ID 126) (MH)
Puma teamFinal 1 Papa John Trophy (ID 128) (MH)
Puma Accelerate La Liga OMB 21-22 (ID 131)
Puma Accelerate HI-VIS La Liga OMB 21-22 (ID 132)
Molten Europa League OMB 21-22 (ID 135) (MH)
Nike Flight Russia Premier League (ID 143) (MH)
adidas Conext 21 Tipico Austria Bundesliga (ID 149) (MH)

International Kits:

Argentina: Home
Austria: Away and GK Updated
Brazil: Home/Away/GK
Cameroon: Home (DF)/Away (DF)/GK (DF)
Czech Republic: Away/GK
Denmark: Home(DF) /Away (DF)/ GK (DF)
Mexico: Home
Paraguay: Home/Away/GK
Italy: Away/GK
Portugal: Home/Away/GK
Romania: Home/Away/GK
Slovenia: Home/Away/GK
Spain: Away
Sweden: Away
Switzerland: Home/ Away(DF)/ GK (DF)
Hungary: Home/Away/GK
Bolivia: Home(DF)/ Away(DF)/ GK (DF)
Columbia: Home/Away/GK
Ecuador: Home (DF)/Away (DF)/GK (DF)
Egypt: Home/Away/GK
Ivory Coast: Home(DF)/ Away(DF)/GK (DF)
Peru: Home/Away/GK
United States: Away
Uruguay: Home/Away/GK
Venezuela: Home(DF)/ Away(DF)/ GK (DF)



Boca Juniors: H/A/GK/Third
River Plate: Home/Away/GK/Third
Roma: Away
Fluminese: GK
Trabzonspor: GK
Milton Keynes Dons: GK
Moreirense: GK
Vitoria Guimaraes: GK
Istanbul Basaksehir: GK
Independiente: Home/Away/GK


AC Milan: Home/Away/GK/Third
Ajax: Home/Away/GK
Angers SCO: Home
Arsenal: Home/Away/GK (DF)/Third
AS Monaco: Home (DF)/Away (DF)/ GK (DF)
Aston Villa: Home (MH)/Away (MH)/ GK (MH)
Atalanta: Home/Away/GK/Third
Atletico Madrid: Home/Away/GK/Third
Bayer Leverkusen: Home
Bayern Munich: Home - Updated/Away (DF)/GK/Third (DF)
Benfica: Home/Away (DF)/GK
Bologna: Home
Borussia Dortmund: Home/Away (DF)/GK
Borussia Munchengladbach: Home/Away (DF)/GK/Third (DF)
Brentford: Home (MH)/ GK (MH)
Brighton: Home/ Away (MH)/ GK/ Third (EA)
Burnley: Home (MH)/GK (MH)
Chelsea: Home (DF)/Away - Updated/GK (DF)/Third
Crystal Palace: Home/Away/GK (MH)/ Third (MH)
Deportivo Alaves: Home
Everton: Home/Away/GK/Third
Eintracht Frankfurt: Home/Away/Third
FC Augsburg: Home/Away/Third
FC Barcelona: Home (DF)/Away/GK (DF)
FC Porto: Home (DF)/Away (DF) /GK (DF) /Third (DF)
FC Nantes: Home (Hibov)
FSV Mainz: Home/Away/Third
Greuther Furth: Home
Inter Milan: Home/Away/GK
Lazio: Home/Away/GK/Third
Juventus: Home/Away (DF)/GK/Third (DF)
Leeds United: Home (MH)/Away/GK (MH)
Leicester City: Home/Away/GK
Liverpool: Home - Updated/Away - Updated/GK (DF)/Third
Lille OSC: Home (DF)/Away (DF)/GK (DF)/ Third (jdxrivvy)
Manchester City: Home - Socks Updated/Away - Socks Updated/GK/Third
Manchester United: Home/Away - Socks Updated/GK - Socks Updated/Third
Newcastle United: Home (MH)/Away (MH)/GK (MH)
Norwich: Home (MH)/Away (MH)/GK (MH)
Olympique Lyonnaise: Home/Away/GK
Olympique Marseille: Home/Away/GK/Third (DF)
Osasuna: Home/Away/GK/Third
PSG: Home/Away/GK
Rangers: Home/Away
RC Celta de Vigo: Away/GK
RB Leipzig: Home/Away/GK
Real Betis: Home/Away/GK
Real Madrid: Home/Away (DF - Edited by riesscar)/GK
Roma: Home/GK (jdxrivvy)
SC Freiburg: Home/Away/GK
Sevilla: Home/Away/GK/Third - All with updated sponsor
Southampton: Home/GK/Third
Tottenham: Home/Away/GK (DF)
TSG Hoffenheim: Home/Away/GK/Third
Valencia: Home/Away/GK/Third
VFB Stuttgart: Home
VFL Wolfsburg: Home/Away
Villareal: Home (MH)/Away (MH)/GK (MH)/Third (MH)
Watford: Home (MH)/Away (MH)/GK (MH)
West Ham United: Home (MH)/Away (MH)/GK (MH)/Third (MH)
Wolverhampton: Home (MH)/Away (MH)/GK (MH)

Kit Number Fonts 20-21:


Kit Number and Name Fonts 21-22:

Bayern (Makispla)
PSG UCL (Makispla)
Real Madrid UCL (Makispla)
Manchester City Tournament Numbers and Font (MH)
Arsenal * Note that there is not really any way of applying this kit font, as there is no entry for Arsenal in the competition kits table. The ID is 66 if you would like to implement using Live Editor
Inter Milan Away Kit Numbers

Included Boot Unlock for compatibility with AdiozPL's Bootpack

I think that I have credited everyone and included all edits. If I have left something or someone out, please let me know.

As of now, team/league/match ball names have been edited only on the English language database.

Please note that the best way to get in touch with me is on soccergaming.com as opposed to discord DMs. I don't care for discord servers compared to forums, and I have over 100 unread DMs from the past two years lol.


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Hi Reisscar,

Please please, request you to make this Manutd alternate GK kit for 21-22 season. Really appreciate it. Thanks


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kim hyung il

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It runs when applied to the aio 6 mode manager, but becomes unresponsive in the game. I think the problem is the game update version on the 23rd.Could you upload it to the 23rd version instead of the 4th version? Mode Manager is up to date. I beg you.


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Heyy riesscar!!!
Sorry, but I can't download this latest version. Can you update the link?

What happens when you attempt to download?

bro, do you know if there is any way to enable the Teamkits section in RDBM 21 for FIFA 21

It runs when applied to the aio 6 mode manager, but becomes unresponsive in the game. I think the problem is the game update version on the 23rd.Could you upload it to the 23rd version instead of the 4th version? Mode Manager is up to date. I beg you.
The mod is updated to Title Update 19. I am unable to revert my game, so I cannot provide you with one compatible with an earlier title update. You can open the included project file and export as a mod. You may run into issues, but this is the best suggestion I have.