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The past few weeks have been Chinese New Year, and I've been back to my hometown.
Today I had a little time to finish a part of the scoreboard, hopefully this week or next week.


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Because this scoreboard has some public files modified, please follow the following steps:
1.Create a new folder in ui/imgassets/ and name it crest64x64, copy your ui/imgassets/crest/dark folder into it, and regenerate the game.
2.Copy all my files into the game directory, especially the FSW folder.

After completing the first two steps, you are ready to use this scoreboard, like this.

But to achieve a more perfect MLS scoreboard effect with CGFS, you need to perform the next step manually.

3.Manually copy the globalcomponents folder of the MLS scoreboard into the ui/game path each time after opening CGFS and before entering the game.

But after step 3, when other scoreboards loaded with CGFS toggle encounter MLS teams, their crest will also change, like this.

The default team crest will be restored the next time you open the game after shutting down CGFS.

So you can decide whether to do step 3 each time as needed.
Sorry for my English, if you have any questions, please PM me.
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OK, this is probably the most beautiful and best popups work in the entire FIFA 16 editing history!

Great job man! Thank you.