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This would make the pre season so much more fun. It’s a shame that my pre season crashes every year.

What are your future plans mate? the game is so much better now. Huge thanks :) !


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@RHZhang Hi mate!

Are you able to make UEFA EURO 2020 popups & scoreboards? @nikolapfc89 wants to help me with this.
I also wonder if it's possible to make 3D TV wipes animations in Blender - or to use the one from PES2020 DLC?


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Hey bro FIP 4.0 out and i do Dynamo Kyiv Career Mode...You able to do an ukranian scoreboard ? or something i able to use for that ?


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I know that those wipes aren't perfect, but they are the closest thing we can have right now in the game to the real deal on TV.
They are really good. Love how they work and it looks awesome! Much better than old ones, and they are more realistic.

Do you have more wipes in the same style?

I tried to use your for Greek cup, used your 3 Liga, imported image and renamed files ID but it didn't work. Game load old wipes.


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No, I have just those in this style. It's the Bundesliga wipe from the switch files. I just changed the texture with CG File Explorer 16 and that's all :D Hmm... is the old wipe called wipe_XXX_1_container_0.rx3? If so rename the file or put it in a different folder and the game should load your new one ;)

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Hi bro
First of all, the work they have been doing is fantastic, I try but it is very tedious.

I wanted to know if you could help me or if it is possible to add the colors in the scoreboard that I made (first image) so that it is similar to the original (second image) it would be incredible and I would be very grateful if you could help me




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After @RHZhang released his scoreboards for most of the german tournaments in Fifa, I have another scoreboard that might be interesting for some of you. It's the scoreboard for the german 3. Liga. I used his DFB Pokal scoreboard as a base and just swapped a few textures and text colors. Hope you enjoy it and also a huge THANK YOU to RHZH for his awesome work and help in the first place.

Download: https://www.sendspace.com/file/gjreki

But that's not all, the pack also includes updates for all german scoreboards RHZH has released in the last few weeks because I've updated some textures here and there and fixed text position issues like when you reach extra time. The 100th minute digit wasn't aligned with the rest for example.
Speaking of extra time, you will also find scoreboards for both relegations (Bundesliga vs. 2. Bundesliga + 2. Bundesliga vs. 3. Liga), TV logos of german TV stations based on @Diatera's work (I've included his DAZN logo and made it a bit transparent!) and also wipes for all those tournaments. I know that those wipes aren't perfect, but they are the closest thing we can have right now in the game to the real deal on TV.

That's all :D Have fun with it, Happy Easter to all of you and please, please, please NO REQUESTS. I'm really allergic to that stuff.

Can someone please reupload this one?


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If someone wants to update the Bundesliga 1 - 2, Relegation and DFL Supercup Scoreboard, here is a overview how the new one looks like and also two highlight videos. Keep in mind that the clock is missing in those videos.



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Hello sorry i'm newbie here, just wanted to know how to install these scoreboard, can someone explain it? i already copy the scoreboard files to the game folder. But i think that's not the right way, because in one example, i try install FA Cup scoreboard and then its applied to all the cup in the game like UCL/UEL not just for the FA Cup only.

So, if someone have the time.. please tell me how to install these scoreboard, thank you!