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Does anyone know the tournament id to the Euro (not Europa League, the one with the national teams like euro 2012)? It's not on the list and I can't find it anywhere... thanks

Great tool as always, nice job

EDIT: Sorry, wrong thread. Ignore this, I meant to post it in the fifa 13 section


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This is becoming a nightmare, can someone help me? I don't know nothing about notePad, and Creation Master cannot help me to show the adboards ID. Please, someone, help me! D:


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hey mate. if I put all my kit codes in kits.lua i does work. but if I use the -1 for the name color e.g. for juventus, the name wont be black like in database. it is white instead.
if i put the code back to the player.lua it works fine with black name on juventus jersey


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scouser, i don't know how your db override actually works but would any player assignments be visible in an existing career mode? Sorry if the question has been asked already i tried to search for the question.


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Hello guys! I hav a question. Is it possible to wear winter gloves in winter seasone also when it's not snowing? That is to say Can have i winter gloves in winter season when the weather is cloudy for example? Sorry for my bad english.. thanks !