Request a Face Thread


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Taking in consideration that too many users are starting so many new threads requesting a face for a certain player or team, i'm starting this here just to avoid having 300 topics of request
so, from now on, you can make the requests here and the facemakers :drevil:WILL:drevil: come here and make your face


With your request, please post a pic of the player
preferred pics: close ups of 400pix squared or more


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Ok, Im looknig face Giorgio Chiellini, can anybody make it?

I also looking face for other players Juve: Molinaro, Marchionni, if anybody have face for this players and other Juve players please upload :)


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*and with ur request post a big and quality pic
Yes, I think it must be ONLY with big and quality pictures!


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Faces for Celtic Glasgow and SPL

I've read the topic with all the faces edited by our facemakers, I've tried to use the "search" mode but did not found nothing, I look for faces of Celtic, expecially Caldwell, McManus, Naylor, Hartley, O'Dea, Balde, Nakamura, Hinkel, Samaras, B.Robson, Scott Brown, and others, and faces for other teams of the SPL; found only Vennegoor of Hesselink, Scott McDonald, Boruc, McGeady, Donati, here or in other sites, if i get good pics can somebody help me? I remember too that somebody realized some Celtic' faces for Fifa07 but don't remember where to find them, I'll be glad to see faces for a great team like the "Hoops". Thanks in advance.

Lee Naylor:

Andreas Hinkel:



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Leicester City Squad

Ben Alnwick

Richard Stearman

Gareth McAuley

Patrick Kisnorbo

Joe Mattock

Ian Hume

Matt Oakley

Gabor Bori

Steve Howard

All the players are for the Leicester squad, I did do this before but people ignored me. If you want better pictures you can google them.



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Facemakers are ever busy so our requests will be ignored as usual, shame, I'll try to learn to edit faces by myself........:|