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hay can sum please tape the fifa interactive world ucp final for us and post an upload link
i would kill for this so if any one can do this for me i would be for ever great ful


Hey Vagegast, my dutch buddy is very gracious of your posts here. They stopped show Eredivisie games on FSW so this is only source.


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why wouldn't any one answer my question, well don't bother now it's over, u guys missed out on quite a show


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has anyne got adriano's wonder goals aganinst a black and white italian team(Not sure who it was)

and who has maniches 40 yard outside foot wonder goal (again im not sure who its against it was a team in red)


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Originally posted by ntigers2004
The second one is against Holland and it was Orange not red:kader:

Nah he scored one even better at start of Portuguese season. I think thats what he meant.


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Originally posted by celtic_bhoy
roy carroll anyone(H)

Theres already plenty of links to that marvelous save, only someone of his calibre could jolt back and curve themselves to hook the ball from the line, great save (H)


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check out the compilations thread guys

i posted some comps and a c. ronaldo interview

and if people want , i will upload more videos