[Release] FIFA 23 Theme + Official Soundtrack For FIFA 14


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I have noted all the problems you guys are facing. I am on a vacation right now to take a break from modding.
I will be back with a Hotfix.
Hi, friend. The same problem with the crash, after installing the theme. She's gorgeous. But when I click "create a career" the game crashes. I really want a correction. Maestro, when will you come out of vacation?


If you are going to showcase this mod on your youtube channel, Kindly message me here or on Discord for permission, My Discord ID is Emran_Ahmed#1882.

It's finally here guys. Thank you all for your support!!
Feel Free To Let Me Know If You Have Found Any bugs In The Mod.

FIFA 23 Theme For FIFA 14
FIFA 23 Multimedia Pack For FIFA 14 (FIFA 23 Theme + Official Soundtrack + UI SFX)
Issues That I'm Painfully Aware Of
The Game Crashes On 4:3 Resolution.
The Game Crashes On Arabic Language.
The Game Crashes After the Intro, This Rarely Happens but It is Still an Issue. (IDK why)
Backing Out from Profile/Edit Teams Menu Kicks Out To The Main Menu.
Special Thanks

@Emran_Ahmed - Project Lead
@Harry BullZak - Because This theme is partially based on HBZ FIFA 21 Theme
EA Sports - Most, If not all assets are made by EA Sports
Nikolas - For Providing FIFA 23 Assets For The Project
@Sam kL - For Porting The Official FIFA Nintendo Switch Menu SFX To FIFA 14
@Gamer_KR1925 - Beta Tester
@moldoioan - Beta Tester
@MF98 - Beta Tester
Yaeger - Beta Tester
And Lastly, YOU - For Supporting Me During The Whole Development Phase
Do you have the intro bootflow.vp6 for fifa 23 ?


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I neve
I've not had any problem like that.
I create new career with the theme.
No crash.

The background songs is not that audible as compared to last season's.
Yeah I noticed that too. Can't really enjoy the songs like I did the last time. We'll just have to wait till the owner of the mod is back from his vacation.

Kusi Richard

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I'm back home.
I am back in modding and working on a fix. I was supposed to return on the 25th but due to Cyclone Sitrang hitting South Asia, I was not allowed to travel back home. But now I am back on the track.
Welcome back bro.
Please work on the audibility of the soundtracks.
Thanks a lot.