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Hey guys,

In my never ending search for editing and blowing up my fifa games I dissected the zdata files a bit and since the syntax of the graphic files changed totaly from last year here is a (non exhaustive) list of what I found, feel free to add your findings, it could serve as a reference to new and old editors alike :)

The syntax of the files start all with t+ a number, different underquotes, a reference to a team, player, ball, stadium or whatever id and end on .fsh

I'm going to list those I have discovered so far, please add others if you know them (like balls, ...)

Here they come :

1) Kits = t75 + kit_type_number + team_idnumber

Kit_type_Number :

0 = home kit
1 = away kit
2 = keeper kit
3 = third kit
4 = manager kit (not used as far as I know)
5 = special referee kit (you can assign a referee kit for homematches, again this doesn't seem to work yet)
6 = training kit

t155 ? this one has me puzzled I found kit textures inside, could be the general referee kits, not sure.

for the team_id_number refer to the team.ini file inside your Fifa/data folder.


2) Faces:

facetexture = t21 + player_id_number

face o file = m228 + player_id_number

hairtexture = t22 + player_id_number

to0 = ? Again this one has me puzzled, could be the referee faces


3) Fonts :

Jerseyfont = t70 + font_number

Shortfont = t80 + font_number

Now Fifa06 has a truckload of font files inside zdatas4 to 10, 898 to be precise, in comparison Fifa2005 had only 348 and most weren't even used so I have no idea why there are so many this year.


4) Misc files :

teamlogos = t122 + team_id_number

flags = t13 + team_id_number

boots = t20 + boot_id_number

I'd like to know how many boots can be added and which are the default ones so I can list them here and we have a reference to change the ones we want with boot importer tools

stadium files = to + stadium_id_number

Note that EA has removed the hidden Olympico (id 11) and Samiyen (id 18) stadiums that were present in Fifa 2005, grrr pisses me off that one!

t16 = stadium figures round pitch (photographers, cops, ...)
t203 = crowd
t223 = adboard + region or team_id

that's it for now, post if you find or identify others


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askywalker said:
Good work!

Which Z data has the player boots in?

zdata4 to be precise...
& there are 15 boots including the one for the ref...
havent checked which are the default ones...
but i do notice one thing... boot #9 doesn't work...
maybe due to the binary codes? no idea... me not a computer geek!!!

El Diablo Rojo

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Yes it seems that there are many new fonts, the "new" Nike one starts at 767.
in FIFA 2005, about the fonts from 291 to 350 they were repeated do you know if it happens in 2006 too and from numbers it gets repeated?