Red Devil's Gems Part 3 by goal_machine84


Senior Squad
Hey guys...

Presenting part 3 in my 'Gems' series of PES 5 compilations...i dont have PES 6 atm but will get it soon...most of the footage is from 5* ML games and some 6* games.

I tried using vegas but it crashes my pc :( i have used movie maker FX or qualtiy syncin but only good goals of mine ;) is the link...the vid quality is average so u might have to spot the ball in a few goals :(

i will try to give another link asap for those who cant use rapidshare.

Anyways, hope u enjoy the vid and some feedback will be greatly appreciated :)

Thank you for ur time


Youth Team
You are sick man !

A lot of cool post goals , own goal (by the Goalkeeper :nape: ) , then volleys , long distance hits , I like the scissors kick :lui:

I must look it once more , I have connection problem and I watched it ( over a minute)