Red Devil's Gems Part 2 by goal_machine84


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Hey guys !!

Well, here is my Part 2 in my Gems series of PES 5 compilations....again the footage is from ML games on 5* & now 6* and m xcited bout it :D

Its 6:09 long, 28 MB and in a relative good quality...and so, may i present Part 2 to ya all

I can only upload on rapishare so dont mind :( ...i will give more links asap

Enjoy n let the feedback roll :mrpimp:

Cheers :)


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Damn it...the file has been deleted :kader:

"file not found"...yeah, gimme a break :f***:

I will try to upload again n give a different link...i really want u guys to check it out :$


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First, thanx for replyin to my thread :lui:...made my day !!!

Youtube doesnt work for me m8...m on a dial up and it takes ages to upload on it properly :(....doesnt quicksharing work for everyone ?

Anyways, do check out the vid if u can :)