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Real underground....

Discussion in 'FA Premier League Stars Forum' started by Gerrard 17, Dec 31, 2002.

  1. Gerrard 17

    Gerrard 17 Active Member

    ok, now this is a real underground forum :evil:

    I made it, so that only mods, admins and:

    Parra Power

    can access it.

    Is there anyone else that I should allow in? (6)
  2. Larry

    Larry Fan Favourite

    Uhh, all the banned of brothers can come in.

    And Gavin/Lior
  3. Gerrard 17

    Gerrard 17 Active Member

    Dude, Lior is an admin :p
  4. Parra Power

    Parra Power Manager

    :clapwap: :clapwap: yay :clapwap: :clapwap:
  5. Parra Power

    Parra Power Manager

    are you suggesting that Gavin=Lior?!? :S
  6. leungtl

    leungtl Manager

    I think he meant Jambo and Lior? :confused:

    EDIT: Oh yeah, what about JTNY?
  7. Larry

    Larry Fan Favourite

    Jambo, JTNY, Lior, Gavin, and ChelseaFan
  8. leungtl

    leungtl Manager

    Chelseafan... who?

    Add rhizhome17 to that list
  9. AhmedK

    AhmedK Min

    Maybe Mishkin?Id say Shlomy but he is a min also Gavin
  10. leungtl

    leungtl Manager

    Don't forget maddog :)

    We need more Perth people in here :p
  11. AhmedK

    AhmedK Min


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