real problems with retained data in the game and CM09 after deletion the reinstall


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and having had to resign up to here too!


was going to go back into doing my FIFA competitions and have FIFA09 now

worked fine without having any other addons like CEP but now after reinstall and reinstall and deleting everything after uninstalling the game, there is data pertaining to CEP still being read by the game AND creation master and i have no idea why?

any ideas where CM09 is picking up the data from?


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for a unknown reason CM09 release 9.5 is finding the fifa.dat dated recently 2018 (where i added CEP and other league files) and NOT the fifa.dat file in the actual folder dated 2008, but even stranger both game and CM are loading in the fifa.dat 2018 file which doesn't even exist anymore!

that is impossible .....

and i've found out what was causing it ..... i think!

found the expanded and now corrupting db file in the VIRTUALSTORE!!!

C:/Users/*your name*/AppData/Local/VirtualStore/Program Files (x86)
where you'll find the FIFA09 folder, so i just deleted it and all that erroneous data is now ex-data!
it has ceased to be .....

hmm, i wonder if that has anything to do with updating your online squads options?
won't be doing that again then

that was an odd journey:andrei:

welcome me back guys:az: