Real Madrid TV (Sky Digital)


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On Sky Digital (will work even if you are not subcribed to Sky, but still have your old box)

Services>System Setup>Add channels>Input Frequency 11.681
V, 27.5, 2/3

Then go to find channels and store 51147. It should be in the other channels menu for good.


This is the testing channel for Real Madrid TV. Sky are supposedly adding it to the Sports Channels on 29th August. We've been with Telewest for years now (left Sky and BT in 2001), never looked back, but we still kept the old Sky Digital box running just for the extra free channels. This works for me, so it should work for anyone with a box and no subscription. Up yours Murdoch. :rockman:



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Because it doesn't just show Real Madrid matches (RMTV can't show them live anyway), it shows interviews with the players. Right now I'm watching an interview with Zizou.

Dan the monkey

Dreath said:
What's the point? Sky Sports only shows Madird matches anyway

Exactly lol, Sky Sports 2's "La Liga" is basically just Beckham and co.


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will this work in australia? we have kinda the same thing....

or shall i be the 1st to try it down here?

and is it free?