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I was blown away by how good Madrid played, and how ordinary they made Juve, a team that blanked Barca twice, look.

ShiftyPowers;3973057 said:
We'll have to see Zidane at his next job: Juventus.
When do you think this will happen? Fired if he doesn't threepeat?


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Messi during the treble celebrations: "You wanted all three titles? Here they are for you!"

Ronaldo right now: "Ohhhh Cristiano Ballon d'Or."

What an egotistical prick.


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Mandieta6;3990817 said:
He's right though.

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Being right doesn't mean you are immune from being an asshole. Cristiano could walk up to your fiance right in front of you and say "I could fuck you right now and there's nothing this asshole can do about it" and he'd be right. Does that make him less arrogant and abrasive?


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During the celebrations at Bernabeu, everu player got to say something at the mic, so whe Ronaldo's turn came the whole stadium started to sing "Cristianoo Ballon d'Or" so he continued to sing along with them.

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To be honest, it sounds dumb when you read about it, but when you watch the whole moment it doesn't look that bad. I mean, in this kind of moment players are usually drunk and they say a lot of stupid things and as long as they don't insult anyone (*cough* Isco *cough*) it's ok.

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Look at Roberto Carlos face when he realises Modric is not Brazilian



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Usually the defensive midfielder is considered the most important player in any team. I remember someone saying back in 2005-2006 :"Stop looking at Ronaldinho, the most important individual in this Barcelona tam is Edmilson". Also it's what many coaches have said about Busquets while his teammates were Xavi, Messi and Iniesta. Personally, I disagree with all 3 statements (Casemiro, Edmilson, Busquets).