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Hey everyone,

I'm sorry that I haven't been very active on the forums here lately, mostly due to school and a broken laptop.
Anyhow, I'm releasing a couple of minifaces because of the long waiting period and I will be working on the rest of them to release them asap:
I'm not accepting requests until further notice, because I want to finish the other requests first.

Michaek Zetterer (Werder Bremen)
Florian Grillitsch (Werder Bremen)
Boubacar Barry (Karlsruher SC)
Jannick Dehm (Karlsruher SC)
Matthias Bader (Karlsruher SC)
Marvin Mehlem (Karlsruher SC)
Nicolas Abdat (VFL Bochum)
Thomas Eisfeld (VFL Bochum)
Malcom Cacutalua
Harold Preciado -
Ventura Alvarado
Felipe Gedoz da Conceição (Club Brugge)
François Kamano
de ligt
Darren Sidoel
Ashraf El Mahdioui
Markus Bay
Vince Gino Dekker
Adham El Idrissi
Terry Lartey Sanniez
Zakaria El Azzouzi

And the release of the pack I mentioned, of course ;)

Re_coded's Minifacepack (30-06-15)


Senior Squad


Senior Squad
RobertGodwin, just quick try:
  • Divock Origi


Youth Team
Grafsky;3829411 said:
Bad qualitty pic. But I can make it from this. Try to search better resolution.
P.S. at my thread (fifa14 forum), I post some minifaces, so you can go and check them.
p.s. Re_coded, sorry dude, that I write here :rolleyes:
that was first and last time. I just try to do something new, and some of my cuts are no bad.

No problem mate, nice work by the way on Origi :)
You only accidentally cut way a piece of his hair on the right side ;)



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Could you please make Constantin Budescu (Astra Giurgiu) - (
Bozhidar Mitrev (Sheriff Tiraspol) - (
Federico Vismara (Huracán) -
matheus lima magalhães (sc braga) - (can't find image)
Washington Camacho (Racing) -
Jony Rodríguez Menéndez (Sporting de Gijon) -
Diego Barreto (Olimpia Asunción) -
Sebastian Blanco (San Lorenzo)
Mladen Bartulovic (FC Vorskla Poltava)За год до ЧМ/bartulovic.jpg
Jaba kankava (Dnipro)
Mazola (Figueirense)
Diego Matías Rodríguez (Independiente) -
Andrés Chávez (Boca Juniors)
Juan Martín Lucero (Independiente)ín-Lucero-Defensa-y-Justicia-.jpg
Danilo (SC Braga) I've seen somewhere but can't find....
Munir Mohand Mohamedi (Numancia)
João Afonso (Vitória de Guimarães)
Felipe Gedoz (Club Brugge)
That's quite many but I hope you may help me and the community=))0


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Mini face help !

How to save a mini face using creation master 13 ? i have imported those .png file & save it but its remain the same after reopen cm13 or fifa 13 .. pls help !