RALE's FIFA 14 Faces


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Hello, sorry my english. I'm from Argentina, could you please make the faces of Eduardo Salvio, Julio Buffarini and Carlos Izquierdoz fifa 20 par fifa 14 like Griezman's, which by the way suited him very well. I really admire your work, if there is a promissory note to pay, thank you very much in advance.



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hi guys can anyone tell if there is a converted face of Yoshimar Yotún from fifa 20 to fifa 14 I have been looking for it all over the website and I cannot find the face



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Direct message to me.

In a few days orders you guys made will be done and I'll start releasing them, thanks for patience once again! Until then I thought I might quickly release these Real Madrid FIFA 19 to 14 packs. It's something I did some time ago... As I saw a lot of guys are still using old convertions and not faces converted with the new method, I wanted to finish with it once and for all, at least for big club like Real Madrid, so here are almost all faces that has been scanned for Real in recent years. Here you finally have Isco converted in new format too, I saw he was in demand. Cristiano Ronaldo is not in there because I thought to maybe do the same thing for Juventus and some other big teams, but I am not sure, we will see.

For now, Real Madrid FIFA 19 to 14 Switch convertion, all new, fresh and without bugs. Enjoy guys!



Do you convert your faces from ps4 or only from ps3 and Nintendo switch.


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So, because of all this coronavirus thing I decided to make two of the greatest players of our generation so you guys can enjoy them while in quarantine. Out of respect for people who bought Cristiano Ronaldo face I've made earlier, I decided to make different version now.

Special thanks goes to my friend @Benya100 for helping around with the hair coloring and shiny hair fix!

Messi has tattoo in the preview but it's because I use Fifa Infinity mod, but in the pack you'll find only the face. I'm saying this just so you don't get confused.

Enjoy the faces and I hope you are all being healthy and careful in these hard times!


Cristiano Ronaldo 2020 vol2


Lionel Messi 2020

Really great faces bro but is it possible for you to use MediaFire direct ever since the linkvertise started asking for an app it's been hell