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    Ok, so I'm playing a game really slow for now, and I'm nly in Sept of first season after several weeks of play (my PC restarts for no reason after good wins). Anyways, during preseason Carvalho got injured twice, and he's ratings plummet. He's not injured right now, so does anyone know any tricks to get his stats up quickly? I only bought one defender and with Carvalho not up to scratch (I got scored twice because of his errors during his 'debut', and Huth still in need of improvement, I only have 3 DC's, Gallas, Terry and Boulahrouz. They're wonderful, but if one of them's injured I'll have to reinvent my formation, which is proving fantastic. So I need Carvalho and possibly Huth to improve quickly, suggestions? I've everyone one individual training, and on High, I get quite a few injuries from it, but it improves their stats nicely, I'm not planning on risking V.High training, since I have my youth and reserves on that and they injure a lot.

    Also, I bought Aouate, he's nearly as good as Cech, but still lets in some decisive goals, vs. Cech's clean sheets. That was usless info, anyways, I sold Cudicini after interested from several teams ignited and there was no reason to hold on to him. But now Cech is injured and it got me thinking, should I invest in another good keeper as 3rd option, buy a potential star and stick him in reserves, move one my sucky reserves to the first team, or leave it as it is and hope that both my keepers retain their health and form? I don't really want to move Pidgelewy or Ma Kalambay to the 1st team, because I like that they're getting some expereince with the reserves, and the only way for them to get match-time in the 1st team would be if Hunt reincarnates his killer spirirt and kills my keepers. What should I do?

    Also, any advices on what to do with my strikers? I signed Tevez who has insane stats, and is scoring left and right, and have Crespo who when I play him proves deadly, Gudds who's nearly as good as Crespo stats-wise, and Drogba, who I rarely play because he kinda sucks. I play a 3-1-2-3-1 and variations of it, normally playing another striker during the 2nd half. Would Drogba (and others like Essien, Carvalho, who still need to improve) improve more quickly if I played him? His finishing sucks right now, and his dribble isn't as impressive as my other 3, so he has currently played only twice, as a sub. Suggestions?

    Some of my players are very good, but don't get much play time, and probably won't get it. Should I rotate them and have them play a Res match every once in a while? How would that affect their morale?

    I scouted some crazy youngster when looking for players for my National side (Israel), his stats are insane, especially given his age. And he can play nearly all positions, and has many 'tricks'. I'll put pic up. Last time I played I called him up for 2 game, he bagged the 2 equalisers vs. Switzerland, and 4 vs. Faroes. I play him as a striker n my national side, and as a winger in Chelsea. My PC restarted when I went to te bathroom after my game vs. Faroe, so I went to the kitchen and ate a box of cereal. I hate my PC.

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