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If you have any questions about LMA Manager 2007 that you want answered by the Producer himself (John Jennings) please post all questions in this thread and i'll post the questions to him to get your answers.

Steve Titchener
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iv heard alot of things about lma 2007 but havent actually herd about any new 06 we had updated transfer market.its not that im after.every yr its the same thing updated trasfermarked and transfers n graphics engine.what i wana no is the important stuff that makes me buy the 06 i brought it bcus the new exciting edition of the training matches.what is there new this time?everything iv herd.still not heard of anything new jst same old updates n if its goin to be like that id rather hold onto my like to see a area added into training so u can watch players do tractis passes.passing from 1 area to another and bien able to see how good the players are at it.i could then rle see what my backup players are capable of and might give me more confience in there ability.iv been happy with football manager as any number of players can lma only 1 and that is dissapointing.what if u have a 541 and ur agenst ronaldinho and eto?mark eto and let ronaldinho run riot? id rather u could have both cd mark them and have a dm help out in the hole that would be made with the cds tracking the strikers.same as wingers.if u have a good team like chealsea have robben on 1 wing and wrightphillips on the other u cant eliminate the attack on the wings through 1 marker as they might only use the 1 but they cud attack from both wings wich leaves u open and i do not like that atall.just that depth wud make the game more attractive to the player.i currently buy fm and lma but would like to help evolve lma now as there is a more powerfull system in the xbox 360.i belive the depth can be added like i jst said.player development is another area people are moaning about.ihave to not young players are not improving.ronaldon at man utd lennon at totenham huth at chelsea.theve all cum and improved brilliantly.y dont they on lma?codemasters has said they do.but iv not met a person that has add players improve.i like the thought of players deteriorating with age.lovly touch.gerrard lampard terry carrager crouch bellamy all 24 and over i tnink.all still developing into world class players.but on lma 24 is ment to be the age they start deteriorating jst tell me whats the idea behind this because i just do not get it.garry neville is 32 i think now.still man utds best deffender n probly the best rb in the world.hes not getting worse.i do agree 30+shud start geting a little deterioration but let them get better till 26 then from 26 - 30 not gain or lose and stats.people would understand more and not moan much.people say good adition of aging but agen like i said its to young.its making us have to look 4 replacments more and more . atleast give us a few yrs to get the right men in to replace the older people.also it would be nice if players like van der sar neville beckham keane stam nesta thuram the world class players gave there full stats till they retire,theyve dun it in real life y not on lma and make it more real is more realistic u wana make it not less realistic isnt it?and i have to thank you for putting a little change with the interface i was getting bored of the old 1.if u could realy put a uptodate interface on it and make it look more like say windows would make the player like to see it more n feel more up to date new and exciting.lovly game.jst needs a little alteration.ive give what i think should be done.its now up to you to try and make it like we want it.

with lots of thanx