Question of the Week: Homosexuality in Football


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Thomas Hitzlsperger comes out.

This is a step in the right direction, I think. He's easily the most successful footballer to come out so far and hopefully sometimes soon we'll have players who haven't retired yet come out, as well as some more prominent players (I am sure that there must be a CL/World Cup winner or other top level player who is gay out there).


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He's gotten offers since retiring, I believe. I think he's tired of dealing with injuries, he's struggled with them in recent years.


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He's retired, yeah, I was disappointed because I thought he was still active.

Still pretty big, he won a Bundlesiga title and got capped 56 times (for the relatively successful '06 and '08 German sides, although I don't recall him being very prominent).


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There are a lot of places in Europe where being gay is going to earn you abuse, at best, a death by beating, at worst. People can be shocked and say "omg 2014" but our world is still very much in the dark ages on this issue (amongst many others).


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He's dealt with injuries his whole career. I wonder if he got his nickname in the gay community :(

Anyway, no doubt there are several gay World Cup winners. This sentence from Hitzelsperger's Wikipedia pretty much says it all

In June 2007, Hitzlsperger split from his longtime girlfriend, Inga just one month before they were due to get married.

He obviously couldn't put this woman through a sham life, but most people do.


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ShiftyPowers;3608565 said:
Wouldn't surprise me if he was Bi.

Maradona once accussed Pele of "debuting with a pibe". Was there any truth to that?

Also, I think Hitzlsperger's GF may have turned him.


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I don't like tthat. This isn't supposed to be a sensationalist grab for headlines but a step towards acceptance. This cheapens any positive it might produce.


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Probably will be Danielle Sturridge judging from his gay dance celebration.

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