Question of the Week: Cristiano Ronaldo - All-Time Great?


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With all the talk of Messi's accomplishments and his battle to become the greatest of all time - where does his rival C. Ronaldo rank in the all time greatest list?

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As a goalscorer, probably at least top 15 - also factor in the point that he is the most expensive player ever
As a goalscoring attacker - top 8. Tons of shots but not many goals.... that is keeping him from contention with the best.


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Absolutely!!! Once he ran from one end of the field to the other without the ball at great speed-football genius! He has this amazing unreal skill of manufacturing shots at an amazing rate with a lot of power and scores sometimes in almost every game. Truly amazing and gifted footballer.


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I mean it depends on what you mean by all time greats. I would say he's already there. He has won every trophy with a club. Shame for him about Greece in 2004.

I think is a decent start to see where he fits. You look at the players at the end of the 100 and they are still all time greats (Fontaine, Masopust, Rep, Desailly).

I'll just start going down names:

65 Baggio - his numbers are better than Baggio, but this is the first name that gave me slight pause. Yeah, he's better though

45 Bobby Charlton - Another winger, won everything Ronaldo did plus the world cup.

39 Ronaldinho, 37 Romario - I'd say he's in this range; somewhere between Charlton and these two Brazilians. But then you look at some of the higher names and he's better, like: 34 Hristo Stoichkov, 29 Tostao.

But I don't think he can claim to be top 25 yet, and maybe if he is he is #25; that's when it goes: Rivaldo, van Basten, Jairzinho, Xavi, Hidegkuti.

Perhaps you guys disagree.

Sir Calumn

C Ronaldo would be in my all time "2nd Eleven"

Messi would be in my first eleven (H)


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Arnau;3365316 said:
Bobby Charlton was not winger

He was an attacking midfielder, and started out as an inside left - which is a mixture between modern day left wing and modern day number 10 I guess.

So the comparison still stands I think.


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Sir Sir_Didier_Drogba;3365422 said:
C Ronaldo would be in my all time "2nd Eleven"

Messi would be in my first eleven (H)

Ronaldo would possibly be easier to get into such a side, as where Messi plays I think there has been more greats. Pele and Maradona for a start.

Sir Calumn

That's where Messi plays now, he could easily play a bit deeper and fit in behind those two. Of course, then you might be leaving out Cruyff or Van Basten...


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Sir Sir_Didier_Drogba;3365430 said:
That's where Messi plays now, he could easily play a bit deeper and fit in behind those two. Of course, then you might be leaving out Cruyff or Van Basten...

Messi playing slightly deeper is a very similar role to where I'd expect Maradona to play. Though Pele at 9 with Messi and Diego tucked in behind him would probably work ;)


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ShiftyPowers;3365450 said:
Messi started out on the wing. He was a better winger than Ronaldo.

He played wider, I wouldn't call it a wing though. He played almost as a traditional inside forward. Behind the striker, off to the side.

I see a winger more as someone who hugs the touch line, but then can cut in closer to the box. This is what Ronaldo has done for big parts of his career.