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This week's question is sent by RobbieD_PL:

Usually, players prioritize their club to extend their playing career, but is international glory at the World Cup more determinant of a player's all time greatness than the pinnacle of club glory, the UCL?

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Obviously being successful at both doesn't hurt but if I had to pick one I'd say success at club level. Look at the two most popular players today and the players collectively considered the best at the moment - Messi and Ronaldo. Neither of them have reached the greatest heights of international success, yet that hasn't impeded their level of being the best.

A point to make though is that old school, the players considered the best of all time, Pele and Maradona, are considered that because of their World Cup wins and performance so perhaps things are changing where that was the case way back but now club performance is more important.


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Yes, that was kind of my point as per all time greats. Pele and Maradona won the World Cup in their day; but Messi and Ronaldo have won UCLs in this era. Which one counts for all time greats, winning more club trophies every season as UCLs or winning a World Cup once every four years?

Or to put it another way over a four year cycle:

4 UCL Trophies > or < 1 World Cup?


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RobbieD_PL;3592251 said:
Yes, that was kind of my point as per all time greats. Pele and Maradona won the World Cup in their day; but Messi and Ronaldo have won UCLs in this era. Which one counts for all time greats, winning more club trophies every season as UCLs or winning a World Cup once every four years?

To answer that literally I would say that 3 world cup titles is better than 3 CL titles.


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World cup holds more weoght, but isn't as frequent so not as fresh/ enough opportunity to improve reputation. It also has to fall on a good period in that players career and they need to be from a country that isn't shit e.g George best


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Where does Forlan (a player who won World Cup best player) rank among the best players of the last 10 years? Not even in the top 25.


Make America Great Again
No you don't. Maradona didn't have both, although you can certainly say that the old European Cup didn't mean as much.


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The 2 best players of our time and the most expensive one won't will anything with their national teams.


Make America Great Again
And Argentina could absolutely win one too. I think it's very smart, and probably hard for a manager to do, to just play his best players in their traditional positions, not necessarily where they play for their club. Mascherano at DM, Messi at RW, Di Maria as a box-to-box. Messi on free role as RW with the awesome Zabaleta overlapping behind him could be impossible to defend without overloading that entire side, freeing up whoever gets deployed on the left... possibly Aguero. Not to mention that European sides have historically done poor in the Western Hemisphere.


The Legend
Outside of the World Cup international football generally bores the shit out of me. Especially here unless we're playing Mexico, Costa Rica or Honduras. I like to see small teams and all but the bottom of CONCACAF is really, really bad.


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Filipower;3639683 said:

Ohk, I just thought Bale was the most expensive because of the transfer fee; not because of the tax-evasion and hype. Bale was the player I was referring to in my initial statement.