Question of the Week: Best Goalkeeper Ever


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This week's comes courtesy of Dipanjan:

Who is/was the best goalkeeper ever?

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In my completely biased opinion:

Edwin van der Sar. He had everything.

A little bit more objectively looking, I might consider the likes of Iker Casillas too but nah still... Van Der Sar. (H)


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To continue the theme from last week. I guess some people are gonna mention these great keepers that they've probably never seen like Yashin, Bonetti, Preud'homme, Banks etc.

Off the top of my head some great keepers were Barthez, Schmeichel, Lehmann, Kahn, van der Sar. Barthez's howlers and Lehmann's overall madness probably disqualify them. van der Sar was easily my favorite keeper even at the time Cech was establishing himself and Kahn was 2nd although for a long time there he was probably the better keeper. I think Schmeichel is possibly the most successful modern keeper? But I'm not sure.

In terms of current players, I think deciding on the best is generally more a question of reputation and performance in high-profile matches than actual ability. Any top 10 keeper can have an awesome day as well as an awful one, and they're pretty interchangeable. Some keepers are definitely much better than others, and you can try and establish that one does certain things better than another, but for a role that is so reliant on other players doing their job, it's hard to judge who is truly the best.

If I had to choose, I'd say the top keepers right now are:


Note how each one of those won a major trophy last season (4 won their domestic title, 1 won the continental). So either having a truly top keeper is a major separator between champions and contenders, or these keepers are all playing with superior players which make them look better. Or both.

I think all other keepers are at least somewhat beneath these guys, and I nearly omitted Hart. Buffon and Casillas are probably the best, based on consistency over the last few years. Although again, this is largely based on reputation.

So, van der Sar and Kahn would be my picks for all-time (based on personal experience) and Casillas and Buffon. And I'm gonna say Cech because I wanna say Cech.


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