QotW: Straight to pens?


The Von Trapps
I enjoyed the Copa América's rule of going straight to penalties after 90 minutes of regulation time ... should such a rule be implemented for all major competitions?

removing extra time eliminates games petering out, as teams visbily tire ... it also elminates imbalances with the away goals rule (90 minutes for one team, 120 for the other) ...

if the Golden Goal rule will forever remain dead, then I'd like to see extra time done away with, and have matches go straight to pens after 90 minutes ...


Red Card - Life
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I can't come up with a good alternative for two-legged ties because if you remove away goals the team who played away first have an advantage. However, as Bobby said, for neutral venue games I think it should remain. Penalties reduce the amount of skill that is actually involved and 30 extra minutes to allow for the better team to emerge sounds good.


Team Captain
I not straight to penalties then what's the harm of golden goal? It can reduce game time if you score.


Yes I think ET or another game (like in the FA Cup) is better than straight to penalties. But there are several more importante matters to attend to in Football than penalties or ET.

Back Door Skip

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I think the golden goal rule is the best option after 90.

Keep in mind lesser teams will opt to park the bus to try their luck on penalties, usually that doesn't always work because they get beat in extra time.


It's almost as (little) telling of superiority as penalties. If in theory you can prove which team is better by doing more games, than a full ET is surely better than golden goal.

Also, 2000. :(


In Copa América it was OK for me because games were shit and the teams a joke. I'm against that for CL or a World Cup.


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For 2 legs, ET is fine as long as the away rule is ignored in the ET to make it fair to both teams. i.e. if the score over 2 legs is 3-3, then no away goal applies therefore we go on penalties.

That said, most extra times are boring to watch these days because all players are tired and tend to defend until the end.