Putting MW's English Leagues New Kits (NUFC 3rd Kit, etc) In A Clean FIFA Install


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Hey guys,

Obviously I would prefer to post this on the Moddingway forum but since for some reason I can't create an account there, I decided to post it here in hopes someone could help me. :)

I would post it on the Moddingway thread of this forum but since I see it hasn't had any activity lately, at least when it comes to answering people's questions, here it is:

I have played the Moddingway mod version 1.2.1 and I have noticed that they have put new and/or updated kits for English teams such as Newcastle 3rd kit, Southampton 3rd kit with yellow shorts, Sky Bet badges on the Football League teams, etc and I was wondering how can I install these new kits in a original FIFA 15 game.

I know the kits have the teams' IDs, but on the kits folder of the game with the Moddingway mod, I see for example: kit_13_3_0.rx3 and kit_13_12_0.rx3, the Newcastle 3rd kit I assume, but when I put them on a clean FIFA 15 install on the sceneassets/kit folder and then regenerate, I go to the game but I don't see their 3rd kit, am I missing a step or am I doing it the wrong way?

Thanks in advance!