PSV - Feyenoord


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Even as an Ajax fan I was shocked while watching this. Feyenoord has been in a drag so long that it's not even satisfying to watch them get beat like this anymore.

If Ajax would've beaten them 10-0, I probably would've been very happy but over recent years I've actually grown more of a dislike against PSV than Feyenoord, because they never fight for the title anymore while PSV does. How hard can such a historic club fall down? I never thought I'd say this, but I hope they recover and come back to top, so they can get beaten by us in an honourful way again.


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mikabrown85;2950906 said:
Really shocking news! the game is really amazing.Just like having a handicap stencil

Hahahaha... this made me crack up. Thanks for making my day. (H)