PS3/Xbox Editting


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No idea why the console forums got closed, so looks like this needs a separate thread.

Anyway I got tired of PC editing a long time, but the new creation centre has made me appreciate the work people do here once again but with the forums being very PC biased the work people are putting into the CC doesn't get recognised.

With that would be nice if they can post names of authors they recommend/trust or specific works they think are of high quality and I'll keep this top post updated with what people post if it is up to standard.

For anyone with an interest in Hungarian football I recommend people look at an author called 'RealHussar' all the teams he's created are top notch with correct logos, squads and kits to the best you can make them.

Post up people, I'm waiting.


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Im new here, but your links are not working im trying to expand my fifa game with europa league, champions league and blue square premier league, also with xbox do you know any way you can add alternative kits??