PS3 Fifa 08 Problem - Please Help, Sony does nothing

nuno gomes_21

Club Supporter
So this is my first post, and hopefully someone can help me here. I've been looking over a week for some help and finally found an insane soccer forum online.

So this is what happened.

I've had my PS3 for just under 11 months now. I have two games Fifa 08 and Euro 08. i REALLY never played it that much just used it most of the time for the blue ray. Recently i began playing online with both games. While playing online, in the second half of a game, the commentary of the game is just totally lost. you can finish the game but there is no commentary. the moment the game is finished or you try to quit and go back to the lobby the ps3 will freeze and automatically restart. you take the cd out and put it back in, the system will not read it. i thought i might just be fifa 08 but once i put in euro 08 the exact same problem happens in the second half. no matter if your playing online or not it does this. i called sony and because i'm still under warranty there going to have me ship the system to them free of charge because i'm still under 1 year. they have never heard of this problem before. all my dvds/blue ray work perfectly fine, however i just bought rock band on boxing day but haven't put it in the ps3 just because i'm worried something might tarnish that cd too but i'm not sure.

can someone please help me with anything at all if they have ever heard something like this.