Proyecto "FIFA08 Loner Patch"


Youth Team
magoud;3460494 said:
great effort keep the good work:)

(Y) Thanks!

wow, what a nice work dood

Thanks man!

cRistYaNNo;3467207 said:
good job ;) !

:clap: Thanks!

Torpedo;3499965 said:
Mejklhand, make Serbian League

I'm not sure now. I need assess the status of my fifa.db and then make changes! But it's ok, just wait. :coffe-anim:

rescalon;3500736 said:
Great work, it looks fantanstic, waiting for it!!!!

Great! Im working...:munch:

cRistYaNNo;3500779 said:
Big man , big project ! Good job Mejklhand

Thanks! (Y)

qilun56757;3502384 said:
do we need fifa08-bigfat to run the game after this patch?

Well, i use it. But i'm not sure. You can download it and enjoy... :jap:

i am editing the .db and it is a very hard work, please don't despair


Youth Team
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