Problem With Manager Career

Discussion in 'FIFA 16 Support Forum' started by Kutanoid_86, Oct 9, 2015.

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    Sure you did. You also:

    - never bothered to try the OFF option which would seem to be the natural thing to try
    - jumped on the EA forum and stated the game had an issue when it didn't
    - trashed the EA employees who wrote you back offering help
    - criticized EA support twice on their website
    - blamed EA for a mistake you made
    - trashed people here and their helpful suggestions
    - blamed EA for a "wrong translation"

    You created all these issues and problems, yet your only response is, "I was correct, EA caused all this." No, you weren't correct and EA didn't cause this. You felt entitled, you were impatient, you jumped to conclusions and blamed EA. And when some of us tried to help with suggestions, you were impatient and rude with us.

    That's what happened here. Nothing to do with EA.

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