Problem with DB Master


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Hello everyone.

I am using DB Master 08 for editting FIFA 08 but when I add a new team nothing happened in FIFA 08. The new record has been added but it doesn't appear in the game.

For example, I already have added a new country (Kuwait) with id = 41. Then add a new team record (Kuwait with team id = 1319) and (country id = 41).
When I start the game and go to the International section nothing have been added.

Please help me to solve this problem.

Thank you.


Youth Team

Not sure if you updated everything. Here are some database records that you may have missed:

* Add team to table_teams
* Add team to Table_teamwrite
* You need to update the table_teamkits table to add the kit records.
* You need to assign them to a league by updating the table_leagueteamlinks (international is league 78)
* You can add players via the table_teamplayerlinks
* Update the language database (ie eng.db) to add the 3 text names