Problem with Be a pro online (360)


Club Supporter
Right, was on be a pro all last night online.

Go in today and as soon as i try and start a game alls i see is Liverpool (my preferred team) on the left and Everton on the right.

Then after 1-5 seconds i get a message like

"Another player appears to be disconnecting, please wait while we reconfigure the session and re try operation"

Even though no one has left, then i have to exit


"a team has left, the game has been cancelled"

Thisis even if i have created the game and am the only person in the room at the time.

I can play Ranked 1v1 games and un ranked etc no problem, but my be a pro seems to be bugged.

Any one more expierienced than me know what's going on and how i fix it ?

Any help is much appreciated, thanks.