Problem with adding patches


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When I try to add some patches to my game, it sends me an error shown downwards and after that it gives me a send/don't send error. What should I do?
C:\Program Files\EA SPORTS\FIFA 09>fifafs.exe 09.txt
fifaFS v.5.2.36 [10/04/08] ALPHA
(c) Mania Software, 2001-2008
e-mail: [email protected]

(1: [09.txt])
Loading C:\Program Files\EA SPORTS\FIFA 09\09.txt
es\EA Sports\FIFA 09\')
(*|c SPLIT: *-c)
Mounting FS at 'C:\Program Files\EA Sports\FIFA 09\data\'
Loading fifa.fat
(FAT is slightly damaged... fixing)
Loading zdata_xx.big
(Error opening zdata_00.big: C:\Program Files\EA Sports\FIFA 09\data\zdata_
00.big is not a regular .big file (as usual))
Mounting BIGs
Processing tasks
Evaluting filenames with placeholders for extract and delete
Finding last file position
(Last big is #0)

MC Kola

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Bump... Guys, I also have this error trying to install CEP, when I run the batch file. ANYONE have an answer for this please?

Cheers :)


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I think fifamania regenerator. Like Fatbh rebuilder in 08.
You have to start the exe file and than wait. Its wery hard on brain, but I think you can done it!