Problem: Grey pitch.


Youth Team
Hi...I can't find a solution in the web or w/ the search tool in this forum.

It's a simple problem. Some stadiums pitchs just go GREY. It's not a problem on my computer. I don't install any patch in this days, I was playin' the game perfectly for months, not a single problem, but yesterday I find this thing.

Is not in every stadium...Just a few like Camp Nou, White Hart Lane, Etihad Stadium, Old Trafford and others, but I don't test all of them (there are many..).

Stadiums like Wembley, Mestalla, Bernabeu and many many others are OK.

I put some screens. I guess is a common problem, but, really, I can't find a solution anywhere. Thanks in advance.



Senior Squad
Either the stadium files are missing or you have made some mistake in assigning stadium texts with rev mod.


Youth Team
Ok..thanks..but, how I fix it? And I didn't change even touch the folders or whatever...LAst night I play normally and in the next day, THIS.

UPDATE: I test a little more and find that, if I choose Nou Camp (for example. one of the "bug" stadiums) and choose "NIGHT", there is not grey pitch..Everything works fine...The problem seems to be in DAY (clear day, I guess)...Well, I hope that helps...