Probably the best goal possible in FIFA 2003


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Originally posted by FerdyKorp
BUT its only for the demo:(

won't work with FULL version? :rolleyes:

well ... can you make one for FULL version please ... Thanks in advance! ;)

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remember the robbie keane goal against leeds?I scored using a different player.You chip the ball lowly to your teammate and press the shoot button.I'ts beautiful


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I believe it was Freekick Ini Patch 2 Bug Fix Version. Not 100% sure though, good luck trying to find it :p


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thanks ... i found quite some patch on that site for freekick ...

just wanna make sure which one is it ...

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i have gamecube so i cant show any of my goals
but i can assure you there are brilliant
i taped over 2 hours of brilliant goals i ve scored, manly with liverpool FC. so many free kicks of all sorts
one i can recall was with Beckham for england, bent over the wall and bounces of the grouind inside the goal, coming from the corner of the areea as well
my farthest out goal was with Steve Gerrard, about ten feet in from the center cirle
i wish so bad theat i could show you all because i know you would apreciate them.
by the way, all of the goals scored on my tape were scored on world class


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I´ve scored from the middle of the pitch with Jan Koller. It was on WorldClassII if somebody remembers it. Those movies were downloaded too many times, so decided to blame me for file-storage and take down the pages. Damn I hate those #(")¤/#()#".. :kader:


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Originally posted by cranky
Hey, it's me, again :crazyboy:
Here's another superb goal, it is a lob with Raúl from Real Madrid against Inter Milan on world class difficulty(!!)..
This one was hard because I was a bit on the left side of the goal, not in the middle of it.., that would be a lot easier..

Sorry for the bad colors, but I had to minimize the file size...

Enjoy! :rockman:

I saw this post and that is SO easy I always make thos goal :rolleyes: but its fun to do! I hope that fifa 2004 will make it a little more difficult to make a lob (its so easy:D) and I hope that you can change the speed of your lob like in the shooting system


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I agree with you Torrie, these goals are not hard to score at all! Three words: scripted - shot - assistance :)

That's why I'm working on the non assisted shooting system. Now, when I score a goal, I know I did it myself and the computer didn't help me one little bit!

See ya!


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story behind the goal!!

well this is certainly one of the best goals i have ever scored.....juss because of the story behind it........being in manchester united i replaced beckham as the free kick taker for the season and juss cud not score even one in the whole season!! frustrated i thought i wud end the season without a dead ball goal......but it came and it came on the final day of the season!! in the final of the champions league.......and that was the only goal of the match!!!it ended 1-0 thanx to this free kick...........and mind you its on the pro level!!!:rockman:


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Hi Ikk,

I have a little bit different view from you.

I think the more computer assistance does not affect the gameplay. You can make great nice shots while making a great goalkeeper. There, you won't score alot but you can still view the nice shots.

I used to making the cross assistance very high, it's easy to cross very nicely and lots more headers (not mean there's more goals).

The game becomes much more realistic when more headers.

Here I wanna raise a question:

how do you edit the style play for individual players? I don't mean how often they cross/shoot/dribble. I mean the character move (e.g. Giggs' zigsag move...Zidane's turn...)

After all, I think I will have to delay the edit because I have registered a corresponding long distant course. I may have to spend more time study and job search so I can't gurantee anything for the edit. Sorry about that.


What folder do i upload replays to?

What folder do i upload replays to so i can view them in the game?