Pro Evolution Soccer - Better support for PC!


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Been thinking about how screwed over the PC users are when it comes to PES and konami. Konami have yet to dedicate a version of PES to the PC.

Now PES is a brilliant game, i know most people will agree, but PES6 is a stright port from the PS2. Imagine if they used the power of the Gaming PC, i mean we have DX10, 8800, dual cores, and even with the hardware from 3 years ago they could have produced something SO more advanced, realistic, more indepth... it's so frustrating.

Also while its in my head...Konami REALLY needs to get a new design/art director for the game. Compare the interfaces of PES games to FIFA, PES have been using those crappy dull 'n00bish' interfaces for so long now (years), and for anyone who doesnt know what im talking about i mean the menu's inside the game. They always look blurry, low resolution and rushed.

Anyways i REALLY hope that for the next PES, or VERY soon in the future they start paying more attention to the PC fanbase, and start using the pc power!


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if you can accept the fact that konami is one of the cheapest developers outthere you can live with the little nick nacks.

Dont expect innovative design from konami, dont expect better servers and most of all do not expect support from them. This company is only determined to sell as many copies as they can and on every console and Pc they can. They are not worried about the rest.


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I wouldn't expect a lot of PC innovation from Konami, especially considering they are inexplicably not releasing PES 6/WE 2007 on PC at all in the North American market. I got a Russian version of PES 6 off of Ebay since I can't buy it at my local store :mad:


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I doubt the PC version makes them much money in North America. Just too easy to go and pirate it. Besides, while its nice to have the higer resolution on the PC I think the game just seems to play a bit better on consoles control-wise.