Pro Evolution Soccer 4 interview (online play and licences)


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This is taken from the February issue of PC Zone. An interview with Shingo 'Seabass' Takatsuka, the head of Pro Evolution Soccer's R&D team at KCET.

Shingo 'Seabass' Takatsuka is the eccentric producer of the legendary Pro Evolution Soccer series for Konami's TYO studio based in Tokyo. We gained exclusive access to the great man to ask about PES3 on PC, his plans for an online PES and the future of the definitive arcade footie franchise.

PCZone: How difficult was it to bring PES to the PC?

Takatsuka: It was quiet difficult to convert because Konami didnt have the PC technology background in the past- so to even reproduce the same game as the PS2 was tricky. We decided to bring it to PC because we wanted to go multi-platform. Also, there are a lot of merits to the PC platform- the network on the PC is more established and stronger, so we can experiment more to achieve our dream of being an online football title. Unfortunatly, this version doesnt have LAN or online play; were just trying to experiment. But since were thinking of having a game server and going online, this PC area is very much a key to our future plans.

PCZone: Can we expect PES4 to have online compatibility?

Takatsuka: Id love to announce online for next year- and its coming closer. In fact, PES could be online on the PC before the PS2 version.

PCZone: What was the thinking behind the new shooting system in PES3? It now seems harder to squeeze off a shot, particulary if your under pressure from a defender..

Takatsuka: The ball movement- the physical movement of the football- has been experimented with. This means that as in real football, when you shoot at the right time, you can have a very low and fast drive shot- similair to what Paul Scholes does for England.

PCZone: Finally, will PES4 have completely fully-licensed teams?

Takatsuka: Yes, were hoping. We can tell you that it wont get worse! Were already aquiring more licenses for this game and the teams personal dream is to have PES fully-licensed. Its not the R&D side, but the political company side. The future is bright for us in that area.