Portugal vs. Poland [P+R]


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There is a difference between Cape Verde, Angola, Mozambique etc and Brazil, i suppose...

Brazilians on the other hand, couldn't care less about Portugal, but they had a proposal from a club of our country and since they would have better chances of being a regular call on the Portuguese NT instead of Brazil's they went for it, for the love of the country? I doubt, i mean, what connections do they have with us? They got their independence way before than the other ones i've mentioned, let's face it, they only want to represent us because they have more chances, they aren't here for the love of the country, but for their selves... Will it add more quality? Damn yes, a striker like Liedson would be just awesome, Deco and Pepe are also amazing players, but for some reason there are clubs, and NATIONAL teams, don't confuse it with racism, man, it's just about identity.

I disagree with every. single. word. :(


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I really hope Poland win this match. Would be nice for Poland, and Finland if thats happend.


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(H) Polska!!!

EDIT: Does anyone have an online link to this match? I can't access the MatchCenter on uefa.com :(


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0-1 HT for Poland.

Não estamos a jogar um chavo. Bosingwa e Simão a falhar passes como nunca vi. Ronaldo parece que tem 17 anos a jogar. Bruno Alves e Meira totalmente descoordenados. Salva-se Deco e Maniche.

Segunda parte temos que fazer o jogo das nossas vidas, bah.


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We lost an European Championship because of you, Sporting lost a National Championship because of you, and pretty much we have lost qualifying for Euro 2008 because of you. Thank you Ricardo! Come back more often to Estádio da Luz!

As for you Poland guys, you played good, but you were lucky, very lucky. In second half, you only wasted time. If you go with that attitude to the Euro, you guys won't even go past the first round. Mark my words.

Portugal did a great second half, except for that mistake of Ricardo. Don't come and tell me it wasn't his fault, he should have gotten earlier there.
We need a miracle now to go to Euro 2008, and probably we need to go to the playoffs. Whatever.