Please HELP!

Stevi G

Senior Squad
I dont think that it is possible. Still there is a way that might work.

To do this u have to have the following:
> FIFA 09
> Sound Master 09 (SM 09)
> FIFA 08
> Sound Master 08 (SM 08)
> Creation Master 08 (CM 08)

Nw first u open ur FIFA 09 usng Sound Master 09. Than u export the sound u want to import in ur fifa 08.

Next u open ur FIFA 08 usng Sound Master 08. U select the import button and select the sound that u exported frm FIFA 09 using Sound Master 09.

Once u have selected the sound u want to import SM 08 wll ask u whter or nt u want to overwrite the existing file. U select yes and after it has been imported u find the sound, highlight it and press the compress button.

Next u select the ''regenarate fat and bh files'' button and after the procces u just exit SM 08. Whn the SM asks u if u want to save ur wrk u select yes.

Nw open Creation Master 08, and open ur FIFA 08. After ur Fifa has been opened u do nthng.
Just go to the tools tab and select ''regenarate fat and bh files'' button. After the process has been completed u simply close ur work and select save whn CM asks u.

Nw play fifa 08 and enjoy ur new sounds...........

Hope it works m8