Please help me with CONTROLS!


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I play FIFA 09 on the PC. I'm playing semi-pro at the moment, I'm a bit sick of the way I'm only attacking in one way, which is just to send a player on a run and then do a through ball. I don't know why, but not all the controls are in the manual:
Please could someone tell me the PC controls for:
Chipped Shot?
Any other different shots?

Please could people let me know the controls for the diferent skill moves, its so frustrating getting tackled constantly!!! The only one I know is right shift, which is well away from the other keys, so its hard to use.

Also, I dont know why, but the shoot button doesnt work if I try to shoot on the left hand side of the pitch, attacking from right to left. Is this just my computer, or is there a way I can sort it out?

Thanks very much