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Name: Giampaolo Pazzini
Position: SC
Nationality: Italian
Team: Atalanta Bergamo (Serie B)
Value: 2,1 mil euros.

I think the best striker i ever saw...he scored 500 goals in 550 apps for me..(im in the year 2014)


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cm 03/04

Name: Jonathan Walters
Age: 19 (dunno if available from the start, I found him in the second season)
Club: Bolton U-19s
Position: Fc
Nationality: Irish

Scored 60 goals in 52 appearances from halfway through my second season
Found this gem when he scored a hat-trick against me. :rolleyes:


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Name: Micheal chopra
Age: 18
Club: Newcastle Reserves/ First Team
Position: Str
Nationality: English
Excellent young player, becomesa 25+ goal season player.


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CM 03/04

Name: Ailton
Position: SC
Age: 23
Nationality: Brazilian
Team: Santos Reserves (Brazil)
Value: £100k-£900k
Description: Explosive striker. Has a pace of 20 and good finishing. His value rose when he keeps on scoring.


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some dutch talents:

game: CM03/04
name: Tim Janssen
position: striker
age: 17
nationality: dutch:rolleyes:
team: PSV
value: not much, available for not much money at the start (Y)
description: real goalscorer, player like Cerci and Tsigalko.

game: CM03/04
name: Timon van Leeuwen
position: forward left/centre
age: 16 or just 17 (depends when you start, birth date is 08-08-1986)
nationality: dutch
team: Feyenoord
value, again, it will be low, I paid 3.5 million for him, but that was january 2006, at the start he will be much cheaper
description: technical very well, can dribble easily through a defense, and he scores quite easily too.

Adz GK1

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Martin Wiig
Odd Grenland
Decent goalscorer after a couple of seasons. Hard working

Azar Karadis
Very Strong Striker. Good in Division One


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a good buy

try Roman Wallner,he's only 20 at the beggining of the season and worth like 3mil,he's got excellent stats and in my team he played better than Mido.
he plays for Rapid Vienna.


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Jairo Fernando Castillo - FRLC
Club: América de Cali
Good for his versatility, can play decent at both wings and is a good striker. Outpaces most defenders, i got him for free in the 2nd season, but he has a min. release fee of about 5-7 million. Can get a WP easily at least on the 2nd season, shouldnt be too hard on the first too.


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version: CM03/04
name: Luca Toni
position: SC
age: 26
nationality: Italian
team: Palermo
value: 2.6 million €, min. fee release clause of 3.6 million €
description: He's a player like Tsigalko, scores very easily. He's older though, asks higher wages and more expensive, BUT he doesn't need a work permit, so for England he's great. He also scores more often with a header

Luca Toni


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Name: Anatoli Todorov
Age: 18
Club: Litex
Position: SC
Excellent young player, could score more than 25 goals in a season.

Name: Krasen Trifonov
Age: 16
Club: Chernomorets Burgas
Position: OM/A L
Nationality: Bulgarian
I bought him afrter 3 seasons, he's excellent and make a lot of assists.

Name: Valeri Emili Boijnov
Age: 15
Club: Lecce
Position: SC
Nationality: Bulgarian
What a player ! I think that a lot of people know him, become a 25+ goal season player too.


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Just to keep recommending Bulgarians...
Name: Georgi Kakalov
Age: 17 or so
Club: Litex
Position: SC
Nationality : Guess what?
Value : Can be bought for 1-2 million in the first seasons. I got him for 2.5 million in the 2nd.
Description : Better than Tsigalko. (:confused: )


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Name : Diego
Age : 17-19 years
Club : Internacional
Position : F LC
Nationality : Brazilian
Value : Usually he has a min. release clause. You can get him on a free or on unprotected contracts. I had to pay 11 million Euros, still, he was worth.
Description : Versatile, can play left wing, AMC or striker, scores a ****load of goals.


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Originally posted by PSVFOREVER
Now you've gone over the limit :f***: :f***: I'll put you to my ignore list(H)
It's just that Kakalov is to me what Tsigalko is supposed to be for you. He just scores every match or almost every match. Last season he got 17 in 18 games, and now he has 12 in 12 games. Tsigalko scored 29 in 51 for me at Barça...

My highlight with Tsigalko was the 90 minute winner vs Juventus in the CL final. It was 2-1, i was Milan.


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Read my post and tell me where i'm telling you not to get mad...:rolleyes:

(Gotta love the wonders of editing(H) )