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Billy1969 said:
We could always ask if EA wants to integrate the Sims 2 into Fifa 07 that way in career mode, we could go shopping with the wife and buy new lingerie and stuff?

:D (Y)


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What are you all talking about !! . HAVE YOU EVER SEEN THE PLAYER CREATION IN NBA LIVE 2005 ? .If fifa has 3/4 from this creation centre it will smack PES a$$ .


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Fifa is a greats eries its just that ever since 2002 they have sucked at editing. i hope that this year will have an editing system similar to PES. Also not to do with player creation but is their a way to create your own teams and give custom kits and what not? If this has already been answered i'm sorry.


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Man i cant beleive it how hard will it be for them to enable everything in the creation centre thats just wrong man u should be able to do what u want when u want if its ur own game


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yeah far out laswt year hair was :boohoo: :nape: ea should have at least 50+ hair styles lyk 03 :jambo: and seriously tha faces u could make were very limited, in fifa it seems that every one looks similar and in pes every one looks azn, why cant any one ever get a good, editing system, like club football had, if ea can team up with codemaster's for that part it would eat pes up :rockman:


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i never seen so much negative feedback for a game thing is if ya dont like the fifa game dont buy it fifa tend to annoy you in some aspect or other with there yearly release . Ok on playing the demo i have noticed a few players with other faces such as giggs pops up in the barcelona team his face that is ??? so maybe we can use other stars faces as genetic ones ??? see if anyone can spot anymore


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he he.......after following ea 4 years.......its clear!!!!!!
They will always hide their few tricks so that they can show it as "new feature" in future.......

just look how they showing "1-2" passes as new brilliant feature this year......already
found in 2002 ......though!!!!

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dipbhattacharya said:
just look how they showing "1-2" passes as new brilliant feature this year......already
found in 2002 ......though!!!!
Oh man i should know!! I'm still playing 2002 :p


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I just hope they bring out the creation centre quicker, after waiting a long time for the 2005 creation centre, it didn't come out till the beginning of the year.