pit1991 kits thread


Well the kit looks good ingame but one thing Pietro, you write CAPITAIN on the armband and it needs to be CAPTAIN ;)

Here we go as requested by you




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thanks silencer these screens are great and i think that the socks are not so bad as you described them... though i think that the fiorentina lines need an update... stay tuned mates :ewan:


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hello pit1991!
can you make this 'Chelsea' 'European'(third) kit???
:Bow: :Bow: :Bow: :Bow: :Bow:



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yeah! when a person need something hardly, this is the kinda situation you will see..... :drevil:
surely, i kinda need this beauty kit :bouncy:

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ciao !

could you please make me the netherlands national team? Please! Home and Away please. :) mini´s also :)

and why do you make an band on den arm of the trikot? like these xxx ;)

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i don't think he's still making kits for fifa06.

the armband is for the captain, so that everyone can see he's the captain of the team.