Pictures from FIFA 17


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I bought C.Ronaldo
Saw leaked video of gameplay. Not sure if it was legit or just a patched fifa 16 but Im most likely sure it was legit.

Gameplay still the same and the graphics too. Wish I had a decent pc for PES plus patch.

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nady;3950808 said:
Do you honestly notice players' sweat drip when you watch football games?

Yeah, during close ups.

We also need moths and butterflies sitting on Christiano's face if he gets injured in Fifa 17


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Anyone played the demo? Disappointing because it is so similar to Fifa 16 and 15.

You don't really see the sweat on players' faces, let alone then dripping. Keep dreaming.


victorhugob15;3954287 said:
The game looks pretty realistic. Before one of the only problems were the graphics, now no longer...

Right because the purpose of a football simulator isn't true football intelligence and play, it's the kits players wear in cameras so far away you can't see the detail any way.


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You actually see the sweat but it's static. I bought the game. It is better than the demo. There have been positive improvements in gameplay. I like it.