PES6 PC Patch


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Hi guys, just want to asked you guys a question. I have found this nice patch for PES6 PC from another forum here
i think it is a nice patch. But i don't know how to use the patch. Can someone help me?


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this is k_patch

need dkz studio

if you running kpatch...dkz "dkz studio" open automatice

and just import in your data directori (e_text and 0_text)


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how do you actually import it???..i got dks studio...and everytime i try to import i cant actually open data file????

can u tell me step by step abt import and export...plz?


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Don't know this patch but basically all patches are installed as follows with Dkz Studio:

1. Open DKZ-Studio
2. Select "Open A File" in the menue bar at the top (Choose the directory/folder where the patch file (.dkz) is located and select it)
3. Click on "Patch" in the menue bar and select "Apply Patch to folder"
4. Choose the PES 6 "dat" folder on your c: drive and click "ok" (Patch will be installed automatically)

It could be that you have to save the new (resized) O_Text.afs in case the final size has increased. To do this just save the new O_text file into a different folder than the PES6 "dat" one. After that just copy the new file into the "dat" folder which automatically overwrites the old one.

Good luck!


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Installing with dkstudio is easy (2 steps)

Do this for each of your downloaded files, should be easy if you kept them together and in the right order;

1: click on the patch you want to install (xxxxxxxxx.dkz) and it will automatically open it in dkstudio(dont bother with the folder 1 or any other file in the patch), dont click on it or anything you dont need to see whats inside it, or do anything other than step 2 for it to work.

2: click the apply patch in folder button(or go to), and select your dat folder in your pro evo folder:
C:\Program Files\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 6\dat

3: once its done close dkstudio (u dont need to save or anything like that, its all automatic) and move onto the next file (Just do them in the right order eg patch 1, then 2 etc, last do the option file).

4: once thats all done copy copy the contents of the GDB Fix folder (uni) into the GDB folder and replace the files. then put the finished GDB folder into the kitserver directory, then copy the kitserver directory to your pro evo root directory:
C:\Program Files\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 6\