PES6 pc Opinions


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After some 15 games this is what i noticed:

graphically: worse or the same. Uniforms, crowds and logos got actually worse-some new faces but not many.
sound: same all same all

Gameplay: a new game.
- Pace and speed slowed down (a bit too much if u like playing small teams like myself)
-Defense: really tough, wrong tackle is yellow, pressing X do not really get u anywhere, defenders seem to have lost their physical power
-Attack: forwards do not run as much vertically, u need to use your wings to create space. U need to use a lot through balls to get the action going. Normal passes result in a quite static play.
-Passing: I like the new system to pass the ball into space rather than to a man. takes a while to master it
-Shooting: downgraded, a bit too much for my taste, i won't jump anymore from the chair scremaing when u hit a proper top corner shot.
-Ball Physics: ball has lost its weight, it almost back to PES4 ball feeling. Deflections are more or less the same. Generally players have lost their physical feeling as well. That's the point I realy dislike.
On line: not working yet. I guess later today I'll give it another try

OVERALL: almost but not quite. I think it is a step forward into a new more reaistic gameplay, but it feels like it is half way. It needs to get back the physical feeling, now everything feels too light. Plus it is honestly a shame that the graphic engine has been the same for 3 years. I mean not that we expect something like Gears of War, but u need to spice things up a bit Seabass.

I have the feeling the PS3 version might really be the good one. At the time being i think i would still prefer PES5 with small teams.


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Im pretty shocked by some of the comments here to be honest. Myself and a few mates of mine got it yesterday and we all immediately noticed how better the gameplay was. Theres no more easy lob over the keeper like in PES5 this skill is now much much harder to master. The thruballs are more difficult than before and the whole short passing and long crossfield passes into space are fantastic.

As for the graphics , theres not a great deal of improvement in this area but they have deffo polished them up and they look a lot cleaner than previous versions. (Well they do on my Geforce 6800 Ultra)

Online play is what makes this game , being able to now play 2 v 2 and also having the Watch Mode (you can watch your friends play their game and change the camera angles to suit your taste on how to view the match)

No lag whatsoever has been experienced by myself and a few of my mates whilst playing endless hours of 2 v 2 matches last nite.

All in all , I'm extremely happy from what ive seen and experienced so far and look forward to entering the Online Tournaments and Leagues that Konami are going to be setting up over the next few hours.

Being able to play the PS2 Guys is a bonus also.


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simakperrce said:
.....At least in your own half and playing against a rather defensive team like, say, Milan you should be able to control the ball without being harrassed by oponent players all the time.

...... here it's back to the CPU playin constant attacking footy (no matter which team) minute 1 to 90.
I agree with you on this point ... CPU is defending way on opp. half.


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The graphics are worse and like someone said, sometimes it runs too fast...

The game is good but i'm a little disapointed... :kader:


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I think it'll take some time to get used to it. Btw, have the fatigue levels been fixed?
I mean last year you had to rotate your whole squad every three games. I really can't wait to get this game and some kind person to release a patch to fix team names and kits.


I got it today, there are definitely a lot of Gameplay improvements but the models and graphics are pretty much the same.

I only played a few games on Top Player difficulty but I thought the game was pretty easy, especially crossing/heading and defenders were less aggressive.

All in all while I think it's a great game, I definitely wouldn't be buying if it wasn't for the Online Gaming part. Not enough improvements over PES5 to be worth 50€


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Got PES6 PC yesterday,

So here's my first impressions:

I played a couple of friendlies (Atletico Madrid - Lyon 4-1) and started a master league with the standard crew on hardest
...and got trashed badly.

The gameplay is _very_ different.

Attacks are more deadly in general than in PES5 is because there is more quick ball control at close quarters with the new R2 dribbling. But in contrast to PES4, players have lots of inertia, physical contact in general has been improved and extended over PES5. You can't keep the ball any more by just doing repeated 180-heel turns. So quick dribbling does not only look better, it also won't help you run past the whole defense, but rather get that one quick pass through.
Shooting is also different, even more depending on the situation of the player.

Defending is harder, more like in PES4, you have to shield the ball and slow down the attacking player. If you attack blindly with R1+X then they WILL fool you with a quick dribble and get you in lots of trouble. As in real football sometimes one single mistake in the midfield is enough to concede a quick goal. The AI attacks are dangerous, with lots of good and quick pass combinations, chip shots, crosses, dribbles, feints, and I even saw the 360spin trick once. They are pretty cold-blooded in front of your keeper also so you really have to do some "micromanagement" and take defending serious. Added to that, the keepers are also more shaky than before, you can't always rely on their magical saves, they deflect more shots, and every decent shot can become dangerous.

Just get it and be frightened of AI attacks like back in the days when you started playing the series.

In general the game does feel somewhat slower than PES5 and less like arcade with the added inertia. But with quicker dribbling moves at close quarters, no automatic defense and not-so-perfect keepers there is more danger and variation in play, a general step towards realism and a nice combination of the pros from PES4 and PES5.

Although (for the first time since PES3) I have a pretty hard time against the CPU I think this game is the best PES ever, or lets rather say probably will become the best PES ever, since I really have to get used to the new playing style.
Still I have the impression that the step from old PES to new PES is bigger than it was in the last few years, but that may also be due to no demo-playing before, and the fact that the differences probably get more critical if you play a very weak side like the ML standard team.

steady teddy

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RadiationMan7 said:
have the fatigue levels been fixed?
Great question! Anyone?

And have they done anything about the invisible barrier when trying to gain possesion of an air ball or is it still the same crap?

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I think its good, they've put in some extra editing slots for about 18 teams.

You can fill in the remaining Bundesliga ones, or put in another league if you want. Like maybe Portugal or Russia for example.

I'm filling them with Bundesliga.


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loz99 said:
Your all making it out to be crap, but i really bet it isn't. Stop being over-critical guys!
Why don't you first get it and play it yourself before judging those who have it already?


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steady teddy said:
And have they done anything about the invisible barrier when trying to gain possesion of an air ball or is it still the same crap?
if you mean the 'auto-behind-CPU-player-positioning' , it's still there.

one new feature with the cursor, though, which is quite interesting: 'half-fixed' (i am translating from german, so this might be called differently in english).

this will change the player only when you press L1 and as long as you don't press it there is no cursor change, neither in defence nor in offence. i tried it, and it's kinda weird because even when you attack you have to press L1 constantly to switch to the player you pass to. i imagine it takes some getting used to, but it raises the level of control you have over the game (when you don't press L1 and pass the ball, the CPU will take control of your receiving player. sort of like an auto-run in a racing game)


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Played it for 30mins in exhibition mode against the computer on the highest difficulty setting and it's still fecking infuriating as you don't seem to have full control over the players.

For me, it's better than pes5, not much better though.

I still think the tempo is too fast and the positioning of players is still pish at times and what the heck are the goalies about ......... the ref's are still dim as a dark alley and some of the players and team stats are an absolute nonsense.

I'm waiting to play it online to see if i'll be keeping it.

First impression is though, with it being not much better than pes5 it's like a one year old game even although it's just been released !!

I think this should've been the version we had last year instead of the pes5 version garbage and we should playing a much better version now.

But what can you expect when konami hide in their shell to produce the game for a 6 year old antique crap console.

At the end of the day i'm playing a ps2 game on my high end pc and it doesn't feel right. This should have been the version when konami came out of their shell and differentiated the pc version from the ps2 version.

Do konami think the ps2 will last forever .........