PES6 Gems_The Return by goal_machine84


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Hey guys !!!!

Here is my new compilation....i know its a bit early than wat the trailer had said but i got some time n well, finished it

Its 29 MB only and the longest compi i have ever made....its my blood,sweat n tear of the whole month of March....its low quality as the high quality version is over 100 MB and i wont be able to upload it

The vid has some poor frame rate at places but overall, it shud play smooth

Enjoy n i await ur comments people



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I have watched all your videos and I love them. I even used Welcome version for my opmov ( PES intro movie).

This time video is better.


GOod volleys, scissors and even rabonas :bob: You know i am rabona master and i love to see Rabonas.

I loved the 6.41 part. Ostriches and GK mashing the ball to the bar :mexican:

Verry very nice. WOW. Gonna use it.

But one negative thing. USE HD Kits.

I have 2048x1024 and they are so bright and beautiful and my eyes cry and then the video is PERFECT. !!!



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thanx soovija :D...glad u loved the vid !! how do use my welcome to pes6 compi as the openin movie of PES ??

I dont have HD kits m8...where do i download them from...any links ?

Will my ancient PC be able to handle HD kits ?

P4 1.7 Ghz, 394 MB RAM, Geforce 6200 256 MB VRAM gfx card (:/)


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Edit was so great. loved that psycho :)

Can u see the difference ?

And one more thing :

Opmov converter:;6997719;;/fileinfo.html

And my friend here are the HD kits of Man U .

1024x1024 and 2048x1024 :)

You cant find better kits i think. I modded this folder myself. I have lots of them and when u add me to your msn we can talk : [email protected]

Link to download Manchester United HD kits (best collection ever by Soovija and many more ):;6998783;;/fileinfo.html

AND that suffer and pain and all was good for this video (H)


What a lol thing soovija- so much words :(

England kit if u like ?
The red one is incredible.

Final HD kit of Man U Preview :


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Very good video and I cant get that song out of my head. :(

Great song and i sing it all the time- my mother said i am crazy (H)

What do you think about these HD kits ?


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thanx petrit :mrpimp:

@Soovija: m8, the game crashes wen i use the HD kits :( a pes6.exe error !! checked the map.txt and the folder name adn path but still the game crashes

I liked the opmov converter though (H)...thanx for that !