Pes2008 Latest Build Played!


Starting XI
Thanks for posting this mate!

Hmmm, yes, looks like a lot of the flaws in the demo have been straightened seems as though Konami really payed attention to the fans' feedback.

However I am very disappointed that they say the edit system won't live up to it's hype. I was really exited about having over 30 boots in the game, and I couldn't wait to edit them! However there will be only 9, and you can't even edit the default ones...Maybe if we protest Konami might change it...

And only 15 stadiums! Oh well, as long as they put the San Siro I'm happy.

It seems like the gameplay has really stepped up...however the edit system has really been downgraded compared to previous versions...oh least the Konami generic boots look pretty sleek. I love that they changed the boot shape....

Either way, I can't wait to try this game! Can't wait to scan my face (LOL).

Thanks again for posting this ;)