PES2008 Face Import


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Basically I thought it'd be cool to see a player with my face on, so I decided to try it.
Throughout the course of the past two days however, it has only frustrated me.

I took a passport photo of myself, put it on a memory stick and put it on the PS3, under Photos.

I go to EDIT, choose my created player, go to the HEAD menu, change it from 'Build' to 'Scan'.

This is where the problems begin.

I choose 'Load' and it says there are no images saved when I clearly just put an image on.

I then choose 'Create from Scratch' and it won't let me because it says there is no camera connected, even when I connect a Sony camera into the USB.

I've searched the whole freaking World Wide Web for answers, and all I get is bull**** about Option Files.



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i have the same problem as our dear member silver fin... how do i get round it? how did u manage silverfin? r.s.v.p
i saved a picture of myself and i also tried to connect a camera but natn works....HELP