PES 2008 licensing


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What about for the 360 though, can't the kits be edited for that now seeing as 'Edit Mode' is back in the game?


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JanerAli;2367028 said:
Are you on drugs or something?
It's well accepted that Arsenal and Barcelona pld the best football in Europe last season.
And for you to ask for Chelsea, I can only titter, boring boring Chelsea bla bla :taz: - Barcelona did not play the best football. Manchester United did - and they actually won something too.


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JanerAli;2367028 said:
Are you on drugs or something?
It's well accepted that Arsenal and Barcelona pld the best football in Europe last season.
And for you to ask for Chelsea, I can only titter, boring boring Chelsea bla bla :taz:
do they win something?
I know Man Utd and Chelshiet did win something :taz::taz:


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I saw a list of teams that Konami have so far licensed at So far there are no licensed EPL teams and the fully licensed leagues are Eredivisie, Serie A, Spanish Primera, and French Ligue 1. The best part about the list I saw was the loads of teams I saw in other leagues/ rest of world. I'd say there are about 30 fully licensed other teams including about 4 South American teams.

I'd say before the game comes out they will at least get 2 licensed EPL teams, but the bad news is that 1 team may be Newcastle because of Micheal Owen being on the cover with C. Ronaldo. As for national teams I didn't see any list, but I'm sure that Brazil, Turkey, Ghana, Ivory Coast and Portugal are licensed because I've seen them in screen shots.

Wow, I just realized that C. Ronaldo and Drogba could be on the cover of a game where you can dive. :D


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No offence to all those Spurs fans out there but I would rather have no teams licensed than only Spurs. Imagine if you are playing Man United vs Tottenham. It would seem really strange that Man U are thrashing Spurs and they arent even licensed. :nape:


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C Ronaldo 97;2374016 said:
i reckon pes 08 will have the premier league liscenced if not mufc and newcastle because of the cover stars
As much as you don't want to admit, but looks like Newcastle and Spurs are the two licensed teams.


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Some news for PES 2008 from a french PS2 magazine:

A much more visual (eye-pleasing) and intuitive Master League interface, in particular a multitude of messages flooding your e-mail inbox with some animations here and there.

There are still many secrets being held with regards to the gestures (moves) within the game. However, three we have identified and according to our information they are: the hook in talonade, control piqué and the dive. Without forgetting a multitude of animations contributing to immerse you in full heart of the match.

Players pull up their socks, the linesman which beckons to play when the attacker is not off-side, even, as its will be the case on PS3, with “insert camera”.

Thus, when your opponent gets a free-kick you can't move your wall to better protect the angles of strike or placing the large players in place of the smaller ones. By holding the L2 trigger inserted and then pressing up or down, you will be able to withdraw or add players to your wall.

It any more but does not remain to take down the license of the first league. Perhaps even as of this year since, in the version that we in our possession, all the English teams had whimsical shirts. This is an easy way, as they did two years ago, for Konami to keep the secret of the license of League 1 (French League). Maybe the same happening for the English league.


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Now I know most of you are probably wondering more about what stadiums will be in the next-gen versions of PES 2008 but I thought many would be interested about the PS2 version as well. This news is brought in collaboration with Erik Hansson of, so we would like to thank him for the great info. So here it is, the list of stadium from the PS2 version of PES 2008:

I wouldn't think the other version would be any different and I don't think they will be , and no offical Man U kits ..

I would think for the EPL league it would only be Spurs and Newcastle as there stadiums are the only UK stadiums in the game. I could be wrong but I think the 360 PS3 and PC version will have the same stadiums.

• Red Cauldron - Anfield, Liverpool
• Magpie Park - St James, Newcastle
• Lutecia Park - Parc Des Princes, Paris
• Massilia Stadium - Stade Vélodrome, Marseille
• Borussia Stadium - Westfalenstadion, Dortmund
• Hauptstadtstadion - Berlin Olympiastadion, Berlin
• Blautraum Stadion - Schüco Arena, Bielefeld
• Orange Arena - Amsterdam Arena, Amsterdam
• Rotterdam Stadion - De Kuip, Rotterdam
• Catalnonia Stadium - Camp Nou, Barcelona
• Estadio Palo - Estadio Mestalla, Valencia
• Stockholm Arena - Råsunda, Stockholm
• Cuito Cuanavale - Vodacom Park, South Africa
• Diamond Stadium - Newlands, South Africa
• Estadio Gran Chaco - Estadio Alberto J. Armando / 'La Bombonera', Argentina
• Amerigo Atlantis - Estadio Nacional
• Nakhon Ratchasima - Niigata Stadium, Japan
• Kanji Dome - Sapporo Dome, Japan
• Dietro Monte Stadium - Kashima Stadium, Japan
• Porto Folio - Yokohama International, Japan
• Queens Land Park - Nagai Stadium, Japan
• Haze Hills - Olympic Stadium, Japan
• Occhio Del Mar - Oita Stadium, Japan
• Ayase-Nakano Stadium - Saitama Stadium, Japan

opps Liverpool and Newcastle stadiums ..


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I think Chelsea and Man Utd should be the licensed teams in the Premiership, I have no idea why it has been Arsenal both times because they have done nothing but get worse and have won noting, Chelsea and Man Utd have been the dominant teams so they should be licensed, plus don't Konami realise how much of a profit they would make if they could just be bothered to license the Premiership? It would be such a better game than FIFA if they did (It is better already but this would just be out of this world). :bob::$


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I think its a joke pes still cant get decent liscencing for each team

tif was a far smaller game and it did it with ease


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I used to work on a football title for a games company in the UK, and I know for a fact that Konami's hands are tied when it comes to including more than 2 Premiership teams in their lineup. They could offer as much money as is humanly possible to the Premier League, but the outcome would still be the same.

Unlike most American sports such as the NBA and NHL, where games companies aren't allowed exclusive licenses, the Premier League have signed a long term deal with EA for sole exclusivity rights to 'action games' containing licensed Premier League content.

A clause in this contract is that other companies are allowed to include a MAXIMUM of two Premiership clubs, but have to negotiate contracts directly with the selected clubs, hence the reason PES has had only 2 licensed English clubs in it's games in recent years.

My guess is that Man Utd, Chelsea, et all were asking for too much money, so they've basically gone for two of the cheaper options with fairly large supporter bases.

Hope this clears up the frustration. If you want to blame anyone, blame the Premier League for signing the contract with EA.:s***: